Loom Knitting Instructions

Loom knitting is a great way to make squares for blankets to warm needy children. If you remember French knitting or spool knitting as a child, you will appreciate loom knitting.

It has become popular in recent years as it offers a change from traditional needles. Also, this continues to be a great way to teach children to knit.  Knitting with a loom works up quickly and is easy to set down and pick up again. 

These loom knitting instruction videos made by Lucy Wallace for Knit-a-square provide clear, step by step instructions for loom knitting.  Her instructions guide you through creating:

  1. a flat panel on a round loom
  2. 8 inch/20 cm squares on a round loom
  3. tips on strengthening the edges of a loomed square


Comfort-Dolls Loom Knit Pattern Cheat Sheet

Once you have mastered basic loom knitting, perhaps you would like to create a Loom Comfort Doll.  The pattern is available here:   http://www.knit-a-square.com/sites/default/files/Loom%20Doll_0.pdf

We would love to know how you go making squares using loom knitting.  Please join our friendly, warm KasCommunity in the Square Circle forum to show us your results.

Remember every square goes into a blanket to warm a cold child who has been affected by HIV AIDS and poverty in southern Africa.

Postal instructions for International Postage