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On Wednesday, 12 February Wendy and I met Rev Brent Chalmers, the Managing Trustee of The Soul Provider Trust, to hand over 20 of your beautiful blankets for the little boys who recently moved into the Mike Howe Boys House in Springs.  

Ronda handing over blankets to Brent Chalmers of The Soul Provider Trust.

Our involvement in Springs began way back in 2012, when Knit-A-Square handed over 20 blankets as well as beanies, tops, stationery and other items of clothing to a group of little girls, but let me tell you the whole story and exactly how KAS was able to contribute, in a small way, to this incredible story…..

A KAS delivery to the John Crane House for Girls – 16th November 2012!

Vukuzenele is a desperately poor area in East Daggafontein, Springs, that has no running water, electricity or sewerage system. On the edge of this informal settlement is a small school, called the Kwasa School, run by the Anglican Church in Springs.

Most of the children who attend the school come from Vukuzenele and live with their parents in the shacks located there. But, there are a group of little orphans who attend this school, mainly to get fed.  And then, at the end of each day, they leave school and go off to sleep in culverts, drains or wherever else they can find shelter.  They range in age from 4 to 6 years old.

Their plight was brought to the attention of Soul Provider by Rev Sharron Dinnie, who runs the Kwasa School and the Trustees of The Soul Provider Trust agreed to take this up as an urgent project.  

Aziz Sallie of John Crane (Pty) Ltd handing the keys of the John Crane House to Rev Sharron Dinnie.

It was decided to build these children a house, on the school property, and The Soul Provider Trust called on various supporters for help.  The plan was to build a house with three bedrooms, each sleeping six kids in bunk beds, a bedroom for a House Mother, a kitchen, a living room, three toilets and three showers.

Many, many professionals offered their services to help design and secure the house.  With their help and advice and using some really smart technology and highly innovative designs, costs were kept as low as possible.

This project was funded largely by John Crane (Pty) Ltd, a Springs based company that designs and manufactures seals and associated products for the oil, gas, chemical and mining sectors and American donors John and Callie Groves who are the son in-law and daughter of Mike Howes (retired CEO of John Crane) and a good friend of Sharon Dinnie and the Soul Provider Trust.

Financial assistance in cash and in kind was also obtained from a number of individuals, companies and suppliers to the project. 

The John Crane home for little girls was officially opened on 16th November 2012. 

Children at the opening of John Crane House.

We are just thrilled that with funding support provided by John Crane (Pty) Ltd, the Groves, and a number of suppliers of building materials to the projects a second home for little boys was officially opened two weeks ago!!!

The blankets that will keep these young children snug and warm during the winter.

In the words of Rev Brent Chalmers, to all the sponsors, “When these little orphans snuggle up in their warm, clean, safe beds at the end of each day's sport and education, under the protection of their loving house mother, they will have you to thank!  Sleep well.”