KasSnippets - June 2014

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KasSnippets - June 2014

NEWS FLASH! Ronda was interviewed on Radio Veritas in South Africa on 20th June - click Ronda's Radio Broadcast to listen to her wonderful presentation on Knit-a-Square!

[Click the 'live streaming' button to listen from wherever you are in the world.]



A street scene from Finetown - these children are not lucky enough to go to a day care centre and roam the streets.


In the middle of April we ventured into a new area to distribute blankets and were very excited as we set off to Finetown, an informal settlement south of Johannesburg!  The Pastor who runs the Day Care Centre we were visiting met us on the side of the road to show us where to go and it was just as well because we would never have found the secluded little shack that houses the Emmanuel’s Day Care Centre. 

 No. 198 – Emmanuel’s Day Care Centre

The area was very quiet (we can normally hear the children laughing and playing when we arrive) and Phillip invited us inside.  In a small room, blocked off by hanging pieces of fabric were around 25 very lethargic and sick little children – we were heart-broken to say the least.  It was difficult to know whether the children were terrified by the sight of Wandi, Wendy and I (my snow white hair does sometimes scare them a little!) or just unwell and unable to show any interest.

We handed out your lovely colourful blankets and warm tops to this obviously sad group of little ones.

To read the full Report, also discussion comments :

Other recent reports :

So Much Fun at Sakisizwe... 

Who Ever thought I would teach others to Sew!


KNIT-A-SQUARE SHOP - new item!

Blanket support for a Gogo - US $5



In South Africa, it is often the women of the community who help KAS to assemble squares into beautifully hand-sewn blankets for the children. To help support these women and their families in turn, we sometimes like to provide a small, per-blanket payment in appreciation.

By supporting these payments, you are supporting these women, their families, and their communities, all while helping to get more squares into blankets for kids.

Your generous donation to the KAS Operations Fund, representing a blanket payment for one of our volunteers, will help us to assemble blankets while also empowering women in local communities.

Link to Knit-a-Square Shop





Bundle of 45 June 2014 Squares and a pair of handwarmers. 35 squares 010 May 2014 squares 2b Bundle of 70 May 2014

This challenge is going to take us around the planet whilst reaching great heights & piles of squares - 178,000 to be precise, in order to reach the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town in South Africa!

We are going to need 50 squares for every foot climbed!

Since leaving South Africa's Bloukans Bridge last month, we've been to Switzerland to see the Contra Dam that was featured in the James Bond film - Goldeneye! The next was another dam this one was the amazing Hoover Dam in Arizona, and, staying the USA, we toppled the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! After which we zipped up to the top of Mount Royal Park in Canada, then Canary Wharf in London. By the time KasSnippets goes to press, we will have done the Bahrain World Trade Centre and Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. Our latest target is Takakkaw Falls in British Columbia Canada at 41,150 squares


The Crowle Stone Challenge, North Lincolnshire, England

The ladies of Crowle have knitted over 1500 squares so 3 x the height of the Stone. They are now aiming for the top of the church tower!


The Crowle Stone is a unique carved runic stone - 2 metres high - dating from before 1000AD. Its origin is uncertain, part of a cross or greater memorial. In the past it was used as a lintel over the west door when the Danes built the church in 1150AD.

Here is the link to KAS Reaches Great Heights for Children



We still have a surplus of hats and beanies - they are being sent by contributors who do not receive KasSnippets and therefore are not aware of our stockpile!


this month we are featuring two No-Sew Patterns!

Hand-Warmers for Knitters, and, a Go-Over for Crocheters

The No-Sew Hand-Warmers are just the thing for those

of us who dislike sewing up!

Using double pointed needles, the Hand Warmers are easily made in an evening.

The Hand Warmers seem quite narrow but remember they are designed with young children in mind.  Without stretching, the Hand Warmers will fit a 3 year old.  As the child grows and her hands get bigger, the Hand Warmers can still be worn as they will stretch to fit her hands.

Thank you Nicole (Australia) for the pattern.

Look for Variation 2 in the Hand-Warmers  pattern.


This wonderful design by Christine Chiplen (UK), is the pattern for those who would love to make a Go-Over to keep a child warm, but despair at the thought of sewing all those pieces together.

Christine made her first No Sew Go-Over by looking at the picture of the one in the KAS Pattern book because, as she says, she can’t follow a pattern.  She is very talented to create from a photo !  Her Go-Overs are gorgeous.  Here’s the link to her page where you can view her many Go-Overs that are now keeping children warm.

Another talented woman, Gloria Grandy (Canada), has taken Christine’s Go-Over and created the pattern for those of us who need a pattern.  Thanks Gloria.  

Ready to begin Christine’s No Sew Crochet Go-Over?  Start at the bottom, work your way to the top, crochet the sleeves directly in, and when you reach the cuff, you're done!  No sewing required.



Andrea Palmatier has written a KasBlog on

The Month of Younger Ones


On June 16, 1976, about 10,000 black school children marched the streets of Soweto, South Africa in a column more than half a mile long, protesting the inferior quality of their education and demanding the right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of children were shot down by security forces and more than a hundred people were killed during the following two weeks of protest, not to mention the countless number who were injured.

When I took all of these things into consideration, I immediately wanted to make a Hexagon Sweater for the June challenge. It’s a perfect way to honour the children of South Africa, I can work on it anywhere and it keeps the little ones warm during the darker winter months.

Hexagon Sweater

To read more of this lovely blog click on KasBlog

 or you can find it anytime on the menu bar that goes across the Forum.



lead by Carolyn Steyn

Whilst this wonderful project runs, KAS will provide members with regular updates on the progress of the blankets being created. We have created a discussion page with photographs of the completed blankets so far. The project has been featured in the Sunday Times - twice, Carolyn arranged a display of some of the blankets received so far in Nelson Mandela Square, and, has appeared in a South African soap called Generations - as herself and explained the purpose of 67 Blankets for Madiba!

67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day was featured on "Carte Blanche" on the 8th June!! KnitWits for Madiba, you ROCK!! Stitch by stitch we will be keeping people in our beautiful country (and around the world) warm in the winter months in the name of our beloved Nelson Mandela. Onwards and knitwards!!

Link to 67 Blankets for Madiba discussion page.

The project now has a new official Facebook page,

here is the Link


here is a lovely 'thank you' note received

"Knit-A-Square once again blessed our children with the most beautifully knitted beanies, jerseys and blankets.

Thank you too Christina for your gifts of love for the children. They loved the teddy bears and gloves.

Our children will be warm and cosy this winter. Thank you so much for your love and compassion for the poor. We wish you were with us to experience their joy and excitement. Thank you for bringing a smile to a destitute child."

- Sandra Pillay of Mama Ntombi CP

This is Ntokozo the little girl who suffered terrible burns earlier this year from boiling fat, but recovered because Mama Ntombi stepped in and took her to hospital for treatment. The picture above was taken a couple of weeks ago when she turned up at the Wayside Sunday School with no clothes on, except for underwear. Fortunately, it was the day Mama Ntombi were handing out the knitted items from KAS and were able to provide her with this beautifully knitted top.

Scroll down the discussion page and read about Ayanda - a little boy badly burned who was found terribly neglected and taken to hospital by Mama Ntombi CP!

To read more on this and other associate groups please go to

KAS Forum Facebook page




The Blanket Room Collection - More blankets have been added and a number of Memory Blankets have joined the collection. We may well create a special page where all these lovingly created blankets in memory of a dear departed family member can be stored.

 Karla (Czech Republic) created this beautiful design in memory of her late Father.  She says, he was born in March, when the first flowers and butterflies appear......

Spring blanket




Annette's son Luke and nephew Eric joined in the sorting process! 

 To view more office photos and arrivals of goodies please go to  

What's Going on in South Africa



The JBay Recycling Project for Children

& Stitch Witch News

Sunny but chilly day, lots of hoodies in use! 1.2 tons of recyclables

traded by the children!


This little girl carried her much loved Christmas teddy wrapped in a towel.

To see more of the photos from the various Monday sessions please click on

 JBay Recycling Project for Children

If you are a member of Facebook, then do check out the Stitch Witch page to view some of their recently created blankets and meeting sessions.



Knit-a-Square made front-page news !

To read about the event please click here

Anne Powell (Canada) is taking Knit-a-Square into the

Pinterest arena!

Anne has been studying Pinterest on our behalf and has been quietly developing 'pin boards' on various aspects of KAS to help spread-the-word both in the craft section and in the NGO section of this medium - in fact, several people have become Forum members through the process!

To view the boards created so far, please go to : 

Pinterest - Knit-a-Square  and  Pinterest - Knit-a-Square South Africa

When you click on the link to Knit-a-Square South Africa, you will be taken to the "main page" There you will see several "Boards" about various aspects of KAS. Just click on the board to see the various Pins.

IMPORTANT - BEFORE you leave the main page to explore the boards, please click FOLLOW ALL to receive updates on all the boards.

If you only click 'Follow' on a particular Board, that is the only one you will receive updates for, and you might miss some other interesting stuff.

This is more important for the South Africa page than the 'craft page' where you might not want to receive a notice every time I Pin a square from a Challenge

Anne is keen to point out that these are works-in-progress, and, she herself is still learning! To read more about this new and exciting development please visit the new discussion page at : Pinterest

Gumnuts Group - Australia

posted by Sonja Shaw

I wanted to update people and perhaps share some ideas about how a small group of knitters can make a big difference.  After our teacosy extravaganza where we made over $300 for postage we are now branching out into scarves and hotwater bottle cases to sell.  BUT on a huge note one of our group (a friend of a friend) has managed to obtain for us several big bags of gorgeous new wool in an assortment of colours for free.  The fashion store Peter Alexander that makes top end PJs and leisurewear had a window display for winter in its city store, and part of it was zillions of balls of wool - anyway our little Gumnut who manages another store asked if she could have them and they have given them to us for free to make into squares. Sooo the best knitters of the group will be making them up, taking photos and we will write to the head-office of Peter Alexander to thank them and get some PR happening.  cool huh!

 To read more of the comments on this brilliant news, please click here



Valerie has translated even more patterns into the French Language!  Link to KAS Knitting Patterns and Crochet Patterns you will notice that some patterns have the French National Tri-colour flag with a link to the French language versions.  For those members who would like the opportunity to comment in French, please go to the International Group  Page then choose SECTION FRANCAISE : Carrément Votre

  • The local newspaper published an article about Knit-a-Square on May 7th - International AIDS Orphans Day - the results have been very encouraging!

  • Several ladies interested in knitting squares, have received French language patterns from Valerie, plus instructions how to find more patterns for those who are computer-savvy!
  • Donations of yarn have arrived, with one huge box from Paris (over 300 km from Valerie). This lady has more if needed!
  • Retirement home - the activities organiser has ladies who already knit squares, but didn't know where to donate them. They are very interested in knitting for KAS so Valerie is visiting them shortly.

[This newly created section is in its early stages of development and further improvements are planned with more links on the website to direct would-be contributors to its pages!]

Valerie has now added her personal blog The French Connection

 where you can read the developments in her corner of France - it will be updated as more news arrives!


KAS Teacher Resource Preview

Calling all Teachers, Schools and Youth Groups!

We hear all the time about KasKids Programs running in schools and other youth programs. These are some of my favorite stories, because groups like this are empowering kids to make a positive change in their world.

The teachers, educators and youth group leaders in our community do a fantastic job sharing a love of yarn and of social justice with our next generation.

We'd love to hear some stories testimonials, or even find volunteers to appear in a video which we are developing about running KAS in schools.

We want to share these stories with the rest of the world.

Please do check out the rest of Erica's discussion page !

The Teacher Guide is available from the KasShop


June 2014 Challenge - Day of the African Child   

lead by Robin Monsees (USA)

The Day of the African Child has been celebrated on June 16th every year since 1991, when it was first initiated by the Organization of African Unity (now the African Union) to commemorate the 1976 Soweto protests.

The AU is Africa's premier institution and principal organization for the promotion of accelerated socio-economic integration of the continent, which will lead to greater unity and solidarity between African countries and peoples.


As always, our members come up with their own creations and contributions towards improving the lives of the children in Africa, here are some of this months beautifully crafted squares :

June - Another African Flower Surviving the heatwave June 2014. The "other" B June 2014 Rainbow African Flower P1020164 JUNE 2014 CHALLENGE - You are loved Brown/Peach African Flower June - African Flower  June challenge 3 June 2014. D is for a dancing dolphin! June 2014 challenge - African flower squares  Kigelia africana (Sausage Tree) June 2014 Challenge Fun Square In Flag Colors My 2nd crocheted square  JUNE 2014 CHALLENGE - African child, African flag colours June 2014 Challenge - African Flower square Raspberry-Lime African Flower Square  Crocodile Stitch Flower  sqaures 3 June 2014 My 1000th square for KAS!         

Here are some of the June goodies!
Grace Vest June 20140229_medium2KAS Cuddle021jenny's squaresSAM_0076


2014 Challenge Themes

The July Challenge will be - Stripes, Zig Zags, Textures
and, of course, Mandela Day - lead by Anne Powell

Here is the list for the rest of the year! 




OCTOBER – FAVOURITES – favourite yarn, patterns etc - Gloria Grandy 


DECEMBER - UN-CHALLENGE - time to relax, have fun, and get ready for the holidays - Susan Haines



   The Square Lists for April & May are now available!

Handwarmers (Thelma) Sorted in Africa cover up Zanny T 16 plus squares (May 2014) January of 2014 - May of 2014

May 2014 Squares List graph for squares :   13,728 squares

The graphs for beanies and tops are available at

 2014 Monthly Squares List 



by Linda Maltby 

Diagonal Knit Square

A Diagonal square is easy to knit.  It is also easy to achieve the 8”/20cm needed for a square.

Adding a self-patterning yarn to the centre has made this a very pretty square.


Made with diagonal squares, this blanket has a very effective and interesting design.


4 Diagonals make a striking pattern in a blanket.

The squares on the left are made with the same yarns.   The ones on the right have bits of fancy yarn to add another level of interest.



Made with stripes, variegated yarns and complimentary colours, these squares will be a lovely addition to a blanket.



Using small balls of yarn will make interesting squares and help you work through your stash !


The Diagonal knit pattern

is one of the many patterns to be found in the

 KAS Pattern Book.

If you see another pattern you would like to try, please do!




Edited this month by Gloria Gandy

The Square Heart Award for June 2014 is for

Sharon B - USA

In February of 2013, Sharon B joined the KAS Forum. She had, in fact, been quietly working away, making and sending squares to South Africa for a couple of years before that!

Her presence has become a bright spot for many of us on the Forum where she shares photos of her beautiful work and offers complimentary and encouraging comments on the efforts of other contributors. She has the ability to ferret out different and unusual patterns which she shares with other members, and ultimately the children in South Africa benefit from her wonderful talent.


To read the rest of the award, please click here



Yellow Chick With Hat
We have received an additional 127 Likes on the Facebook page so far during May-June taking our total to 7,446 !    We also copy the messages etc received on Facebook to the Forum for anyone who is not a member of FB.



Tarika Nath, Sristi Sanghui, Kashmeera Giga and Priya Kane of Dulles High School (Houston, Texas) completed their Individual Service Project by knitting squares they specifically made for Knit-a-Square and the vulnerable children of South Africa. Below are the photographs of the squares being prepared for posting!  Knit-a-Square certified that the girls had participated so they could obtain their National Honor Certificate, and, can now confirm that the parcel has arrived.

Knitted squares ready!

Priya at the Post Office!


In a moment of madness, Anne Powell has thrown out a Challenge to the members in the form of this contest.

Check out her discussion at The Great KAS Contest (KonTest??)


THE OBJECT - guess how many squares Anne can make from the mess in this basket before July 28

THE PRIZE - Anne will treat the winner to a $25 shopping spree in the KAS Shop - winner can choose what she wants to buy


Please join the discussion and join in the fun!

Additional good news regarding the KonTest - two wonderful members have volunteered to sponsor $1 for every square Anne makes over & above their initial guesses to help raise funds for KAS!


A little reminder of some of the recent children supported by
Knit-a-Square members worldwide!
FineTown Day Care Centre June 2014    Dobsonville May 2014      Dobsonville     Dobsonville May 2014    Photographs from KAS Distributions