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A few months back we decided we needed to take some updated photos for the purpose of marketing Knit-A-Square.  As we are mindful of not to be seen to exploit these orphaned and vulnerable children while promoting the purpose of KAS, we approached Julia at Kido’s and asked her whether she could obtain written and signed permission from the guardian/s of some of the children who attend her Day Care, for us to photograph them for our marketing purposes. 

They were only too happy to assist, so in due course Wendy and Wandi set off for the photo shoot/distribution.

 The studio!

The children were apparently really patient and enduring as they were moved around from one location to another within the school grounds, and were asked to pose with the various KAS items they had been given.

I was in Cape Town at the time, visiting my daughter, so could not be there myself.

 One little girl could not work out why Wendy was taking a photo of the back of the blankets and she could not resist a peek!

Below are photos featuring each of the children who participated and I am sure you will all agree … they are just beautiful!


We do so enjoy working with these little ones – they are so unspoiled and eager to co-operate, even on the occasions where a bit of “warming up” is required beforehand.

There is a universal way in which children in South Africa welcome others … that is to hold out their thumbs to be clicked against one’s own thumb, as the word “SHARP” is called out.  When arriving among a group of children, from tiny tots to school age, the word “SHARP” elicits a forest of little thumbs being held up to be clicked.  It is just adorable and, we think, quite unique!

Our little “models” loved their knitted tops and beanies and the KAS toys kept them entertained while they had to wait. 

But, the biggest hit of the day was when they got to jump around and wave to showcase their handwarmers – although Wendy and Wandi did say that taking photographs at that stage was not exactly easy!


The weather is beginning to warm up a little in South Africa, but we have learnt from experience that we can expect a cold snap in September and so we will continue to distribute blankets throughout August with just over 15 planned school visits on the schedule! 

We are running dangerously low on blankets at the moment, but we have been contacting all our various sewing groups to ask that they sew away furiously to meet the numbers we require.  Regarding the other stock, we are also running low on toys and are pleased to report that by the end of September we should have distributed almost all the beanies and tops too … and we now have no stationery in stock, either.  

Unlike last year when we had so much space we tended to rest on our laurels to some degree, this year we have worked really hard to get all your wonderful work distributed and it has been a most satisfying and gratifying experience indeed.

At the same time, the past two months have seen greater numbers of squares than usual coming in … and since these are our priority requirement we are, as always, truly grateful for your unstinting, creative and generous support !