Week 52: I Made it!

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Three hundred and eighty-five squares totalling eleven blankets, plus eleven hats and one KASCuddle… my 2013 Square-a-Day commitment is complete!


This blog quickly turned into more than just a public commitment to make a square a day for Knit-a-square. I was able to introduce you to so many people and worthy causes, celebrate birthdays and remember loved ones who have passed, review books and experiment with recipes, delve into the past and explore the future, even take a virtual trip to a handful of countries with my flag squares.

I learned to…
– read and understand new patterns
– manage my time better
– trust my instincts
– listen to my intuition
– knit!

I finished the alphabet blanket. I found new stitches, colours and techniques, using a whopping 98 balls of yarn and wool in the process! Additionally, throughout the year I made a scarf, baby blanket, five pairs of mittens, a Lego swim bag for Mason, and two mini Baba’s and a horse for Evan. There were times when I fell behind but I always got caught up.

It has been an honour to write each week knowing that there are people out there who care about and are interested in what I have to say. Thank you for all the kind words you have given and for accompanying me on this journey.


This week contains a whopping 13 squares so that I could make up the bonus number. Square two is for Christmas, using yarn my wonderful boys picked out for me. Square three uses yarn my mom gave me in my stocking. Square seven rounds out the year and follows the same idea as the first square – a square in a square.

Week 52

The bonus squares… Square two is my usual L pattern, done in rows. For square three, I tried a mitred square pattern. It ended up a bit wonky because of the three SC together to form the corner.

Week 52 Bonus

Squares in a SquareI finished my last square at 10 pm on New Year’s Eve and had just enough time left to make a matching hat.

Keep reading for the big reveal!

Square Count: 365
Bonus Squares: 20
Blankets: 11!
Hats: 11


To be brutally honest, I felt a bit lost on January 1. It was strange not to be crocheting a square or feel the pressure to have something done. Next on the agenda will be sewing the alphabet blanket together. I have another KASCuddle on the go. I recently picked up an afghan I started more than five years ago. David is happy to have me back! Though not as often, I still make squares. Now I’d like to focus my energy on finishing UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and fundraising for postage. I’d also like to find a job closer to home.

I’ve been asked if I’m going to continue the blog and the answer is undoubtedly YES. I like writing, sharing information and shining a light on whatever happiness I can find in the world. I like providing Knit-a-square updates and hope to spread the word more in the future.

And so, without further ado, here are the squares!

Square Compilation

Thank you again for every ounce of support. I love you all and wish you nothing but happiness and peace for the coming year.