Behold the Evolution

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It was February 2009 when I received the email from Lion Brand Yarns introducing me to the world of Knit-a-square. Can you believe I actually emailed Sandy to ask if they’d accept crocheted squares? I had no idea what an impact my small amount of 8″ squares could make, nor the impact KAS would have on me.

First Squares

I joined the forum and started crocheting a handful of squares, originally with the goal of making enough squares for a blanket (40, at that time) by the end of the year. Then in April came the first forum challenge – make a square a day for a month. I decided that if I could complete the challenge then I was definitely committed. Thirty squares later, I was hooked! It’s hard to believe I used to send five or six squares at one time in a padded envelope.

Dance Blanket

At the end of 2009, Debbie Posmontier bought tickets to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in Philadelphia (U.S.) and suggested we make blankets for the choir members to bring back to South Africa with them. Could we do it in time? I created a jigsaw square pattern, pulled together my stash of yarn and finished the blanket with just enough time to post it for the concert. A total of 28 blankets were made and presented! And, unbelievably, my blanket was chosen to be on stage.


Personalized squares, baby blankets, GO-Overs, KASCuddles, hats, squares from quilt patterns… it didn’t take me long to branch out. My family started gifting me balls of yarn for Christmas and birthdays. I created alphabet books for members to print and send, an 8″ ruler to help spread the word and alphabet square patterns. For all that I’ve done for KAS though, this charity has returned the gift to me tenfold.

KAS has given me a chance to learn new patterns, play with colour and expand my crochet skills. I can’t describe the joy and pride I feel when I see one of my squares in a photo, in amongst all of the other colourful works of art.

Through KAS I have made friends across the globe and even met a few of them in person. One of these days, I’m going to travel for the sole purpose of meeting more of those lovely people.

KAS has given me something purposeful to do while waiting – in lines, for appointments, on transit – and allowed me to start conversations with curious people so I can raise awareness about the poverty and need in South Africa.

It has helped me to feel fulfilled as a human being because, from half a globe away, I can help children in need. I can’t think of anything else in this world, aside from helping by physically being there, that can give that feeling, and at so little cost.

So, thank you, Knit-a-square – Ronda, Wendy, Lindi, Wandi, Lorinda and so many more – for giving so much not only to me, but to all the precious children you help each day.