A Square Can Be So Much More

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Have you ever wondered about the secret language we use on the Knit-a-square forum? Over time, we’ve evolved squares into warm garments to help combat a distinct lack of warm clothing. Thanks to KAS, little bodies can be warm, dry and protected.Go-Over

The Go-Over does just that – it is a sweater that is meant to “go over” other layers of clothes for extra warmth. They are typically heavy duty and feature a wide neck and ample armholes. Think: acrylic worsted weight.

The Go-Over uses 16 squares, four for the front, back and each sleeve. You can also make it in one piece from the neck down or from the bottom up. I’ve tried both ways, individual squares and in one piece. While it goes faster when you’re making it with squares, it does take longer to put together. I make the sleeves the way you would with a traditional sweater, less wide at the wrist, increasing as you go up the sleeve.

Slip-OverA Slip-Over is like a tank top or vest and is meant to be worn close to the skin to hold in the warmth. Because it is worn next to skin, it should be made with softer, thinner yarns. Think: sport weight or even a natural yarn.

The KASCuddle was created after forum members saw a photo of babies sleeping on a linoleum floor with no protection from the cold. Like a sleeping bag, it is perfect for sleeping but it can also be used during the day when the baby is being carried. Believe it or not, that’s Evan in the first Cuddle I made, way back in 2010! Think: soft acrylic, worsted weight.


KASCuddleApparently, 2009 was a banner year for our creative juices. All three of these garments were created that year!

The important thing about any garments that are sent to KAS is that they are sized appropriately. Go-Overs and Slip-Overs should be sized for children three to ten years old, with ample length to cover distended bellies. KASCuddles are used for babies up to 15 months old. The KAS forum has a great pattern section with lots of information about sizes.