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They say that you should live in a house before you make any changes to it!  Well, after having been in our KAS office for well over 6 months, we have a good idea of what is and is not working for us.  Our biggest challenge is the limited space we have and despite trying to pack in various ways, we came to the conclusion that the best way to utilise the space we have is literally to use every inch of it – from floor to ceiling.  We then started to investigate various shelving options and were taken aback by the cost.  Having almost resigned ourselves to the fact that we could not afford shelving, my dear, dear friend, Helen Flagg emailed me out of the blue with a suggestion that another fundraiser might be embarked on … and asking what is it that we need.  The answer to our prayers!

Having to pile things on top of each other will soon be a thing of the past!

So, in mid-October, after much discussion between Helen, Wendy and I, the U.S Group fundraiser commenced with the goal in mind to collect sufficient funding to install a shelving system that would help improve the efficiency of the KAS operation.  Mary Anne Fellows assisted Helen by co-ordinating Paypal donations so that U.S. Group members in foreign countries as well as other “foreign friends” could also participate.  The fundraiser was planned to last until the day before U.S. Thanksgiving in late November, but they reached and exceeded their goal long before then with some very generous donations.   The funds were transferred to South Africa and the order for shelves placed.

The shelving being built inside the KAS office.

The shelves were installed along the full length of one side of the office on Friday, 5 December and the timing was just perfect as we had started receiving all the backlogged mail and needed all the space we could get.  Wendy and her daughter Sarah sorted and repacked the office after the shelves were installed and I think you will agree that the shelving has made a world of difference to our small, but now extremely efficient space.

Our organised office!

Having the blankets stacked like this makes packing for distributions so much easier.  Since installing the shelves on the one side of the office, we have decided to do the same on the opposite wall.  So, when the supplier opens in the New Year, we will be giving them a shout.

With Christmas and New Year both falling on a Thursday this year, our volunteers finished up on Thursday, 18 December for the year and will be taking a break over the festive season.  We will continue to collect mail as and when it comes in and will tackle opening it all in the New Year when we meet again on Thursday, 8 January.  I am travelling to KwaZulu Natal to spend Christmas with the family and I wish all of you safe travels and a very blessed Christmas.  Thank you for your continued support this year and we look forward to another year of warming the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa.