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Our visit to the Sharp Kidz Day Care in Finetown reminded me of how Santa must feel when visiting the children of the world to drop off gifts! 

We arrived at this very small school, on an unusually warm day in June, to find that our timing was out and that we were there at nap time.  As we all know to never wake a sleeping child, we laid the lovely blankets, toys, tops and beanies beside each child instead.  Can you imagine the excitement when they all woke up?

Placing the gifts next to the sleeping children – you will always have one or two children that wake up – just how does Santa get it right?


Sharp Kidz is a very small Day Care, caring for only 15 children.  It is remarkable how dedicated Dieketseng, the principal, is.

Dieketseng showed Wendy, Wandi and I around the small school and shared with us the challenges she faces.


From top left – the playground for the children; the “pit” toilet facility; corrugated iron walling is used as a chalk board and the walls of the kitchen are insulated with boarding.


Dieketseng has gone a long way to create a caring and loving environment for these children and has ensured that the school is registered with JAM and that the children receive proper nutrition. 

There is evidence of the assistance they receive from JAM all over the kitchen walls!


Although the facility is small, with very little in the way of educational aids for the children, this environment is so much safer than that faced by the children who roam the streets of Finetown.   As we left Sharp Kidz, Wendy took photos of the area around the school and you can see from the images below just how many children are left to fend for themselves on the streets.


Good bye from the children at Sharp Kidz and thank you for your gifts!  The smile on this little girl’s face is all the thanks we will ever need…..