Wear a Square!

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Winter. In Canada, it really is its own entity. I have spent the last three months in denial of the cold, snowy, shorter days and longer nights of Winter. But this week, we’ve had record low temperatures here in the northland, with today sinking to a low of -25°C (-13F) with a windchill of -35°C (-31F). There was a point last week when the temperature outside matched the temperature inside but one was negative. I actually saw a headline today that said, “At 39 below [Farenheit], Michigan [USA] almost as cold as North Pole.”

SnowSo, what does one do when faced with Siberian-like conditions? Combat the growing sense of cabin fever by spending ten minutes donning an extra pair of socks, two layers of clothes, scarf, parka, heavy duty gloves and a hat, then squeeze into snow pants and boots and go tobogganing for 30 minutes. Subsequently spend another ten minutes taking everything off and making hot chocolate.

Bobble SquareThere really is only one prescription for these ills – knit or crochet a square! Place the completed square on your leg and revel in the warmth. Repeat. Even better, choose bright colours to lift spirits. Perfect for the February theme, Think Like a Kid, and the upcoming March theme, Colour Collision.

February, the shortest and coldest month for those of us in the northern hemisphere, is also great for finishing WIPs (works in progress, also known as UnFinished Objects). I started the month with a whopping 14 WIPs and I’m down to 6! March is just around the corner, I can smell it.