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KAS South Africa enjoyed another successful Hobby X and it was so encouraging to have people we met at last year’s show bringing us the squares that they had knitted to this year’s show.  We even had a lady drive all the way from Harrismith to Johannesburg to bring us her squares – a 3 hour journey!


Lindi, Wendy and Wandi manning our very colourful stand at Hobby X.


In this report, we feature our visit to the Salvation Day Care Centre that took place towards the end of June 2014.  The Salvation Day Care Centre is, as you will see from the photos a very well-run school.

It was bitterly cold that day and the children just loved the hand warmers that we handed out first.

I think we confused these little ones terribly by getting them to wave about displaying their hand warmers!

Each of the children was given a blanket and a beanie and we left enough tops for each of them too – it was too cold to have them take off layers to put on a new top.

As always, the biggest hit was when we handed out your lovely toys. 

Look at those gorgeous smiles!!!

This is a large day care centre on a fairly large piece of property which is being well utilised with a vegetable garden to provide fresh veggies to the children and plans in place to build a brick structure which will become the new classrooms.


A bright and cheerful teaching environment.  Well done to all at the Salvation Day Care Centre.


In general….

We seem to have caught up with the opening of mail again and are now opening the mail as we receive it each week.  Unfortunately however, this may be as a result of another looming strike rather than clearing the backlog of mail from the previous lengthy strike we experienced last year.  In a media release issued by the South African Post Office, the Group CEO, Mr Mlu Mathonsi, explained: “We anticipate that the industrial action will have minimal interruptions, if any, on our services given that this action involves only CWU members. Additionally, their notice specifies only work-to-rule privileges for two weeks.”

This statement was issued on 5th March and we have certainly experienced a massive reduction in the volume of mail we have received.  We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated, but at this point in time it is business as usual!

We are planning to start distributing again as the evening and early morning temperatures drop and we have our first distribution for the year planned this Friday.

We have also been furiously making, and encouraging others to make, navy blue scarves for the Med-Lemon campaign.  We are committed to collecting 3000 scarves by the end of April!

A BIG thank-you to the few who supported the “Fund-raising for Rent” appeal in KAS Snippets – we appreciate your help as the extra space is vital for our volunteers to efficiently open parcels, sort and bundle squares and other items and keep the system running efficiently.

We will need to put our collective thinking caps on this year, to come up with ideas to keep funding the operational side of KAS SA as it has grown to critical mass in terms of its relative manpower requirements on the ground.  If any of you have a knack for fund-raising, please share some of your inspirational thoughts with us!!!

Keep knitting and more importantly, have fun while you are doing it!