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As you can see from some of the photographs Thembalihle is a very dismal place and has sadly deteriorated since the previous Knit-a-Square visit in 2013. We met up with Maria, the main woman at Arise Pre-School, who explained that there are so many more we could distribute to in the area.  The roads are hideous and the infra-structure non-existent which is causing everyone in the area to feel extremely fed-up.


Wandi packed the blankets and I see she chose a blanket from Heather that was stitched by one of the office team. It is wrapped around a gorgeous child who was absolutely ecstatic with it. 

A lovely boy named Joseph was very forthcoming and he came back to choose his own blanket as the one Wandi had wrapped him in had PINK squares in it!! He specifically wanted a 'boy' blanket, but, he was happy with the hand warmers and beanie I handed to him. Then he spotted the big teddy with the Superman outfit on - his eyes nearly popped out of his head, it was love at first sight! I gave it to him and he hugged it to himself and said, "I love him so much - is he mine for always?" It was so touching, I could hardly speak.

Again, like our previous visit, the little 'outsiders' were unkempt and ravenously hungry. They almost inhaled the apples we gave them. They may even have been the same kids from 2013.

Recyclers - the ladies walk miles and miles with their piled trolleys to make a few rand at the dump. 

Interestingly, Nkosinathi (one of our Surrey Bizhub Security guards) has made a deal with some of the recyclers in Randburg to come and collect KAS recylables every Tuesday. This will make life easier for Knit-a-Square.