A magical gift from 2012

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Imagine your gift of a KasCalendar inspiring 500,000 people


Make a difference to thousands of children's lives with a truly magical gift - the 2012 KasCalendar

We love testing your imagination, dear friends. Witness the Knit-a-squillion challenge!

Our wonderful KasCommunity is growing.

There are 5,271 subscribers to the Square Circle ezine, 1,988 members in the Square Circle forum, 2,555 members in the Facebook Group and 875 members in the Ravelry Group. Not all of you overlap.

Feedback tells us that for every known subscriber or member there are at least two other supporters. That would make, at a minimum, 15,813 supporters. How incredible.

If you have read the recent ezine, Letter from Ronda, you will know we need to put blankets on more and more needy children. And that Ronda and the team must have more resources to do it.

So imagine that of this wonderful collection of generous and caring contributors, carers and supporters, 5,000 of you bought the 2012 KasCalendar for just $9.95.

Here are three magical things that would happen:

1. You would have a delightful calendar to accompany you throughout 2012, reminding you always of the wonderful work you do and the children you help.

2. You can send it FREE to all your friends, family and work colleagues who in turn can pass it on FREE to theirs as well. Let's imagine that is just 10 x 10 people. That would equal 500,000 people. Half a million! YES! TRUE! Can you imagine how many more squares we would receive as a result of that simple act of sending on the KasCalendar as a gift?

3. We would have $49,750 in our coffers! Enough to do everything Ronda needs and more. And this, in turn, would ensure that all those hundreds of thousands more squares we received, because of all the people you had sent the calendar to, would be turned into blankets to warm and comfort the children.

What better Christmas gift would there be for all of us, especially the children?

Go on, please dear, kind KasPeople. Buy the 2012 KasCalendar, send it to everyone, exhort them to send it on to everyone.

For the children.

Instructions for purchasing your 2012 KasCalendar



2. Or visit the Knit-a-square website and click on the BUY NOW button (it is on the top of the right hand column).

3. PayPal will show you a page that says you have successfully made the purchase and direct you to a link.


5. It will take you to a hidden page on Knit-a-square, from which you can download your 2012 KasCalendar

6. SEND IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! With yours and our love, and on behalf of the children. Ask them to do the same. Thank you, dear KasCarers.

Have a joyful Christmas, wherever you are in the world. Stay safe, stay knitting and crocheting and we'll see you in 2012!

Sandy and the KasCare team.

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